Please note that Holly is no longer accepting new counseling clients for in person work.  All services will soon be moved to phone or video even for any self paying established clients who wish to continue services.
Is used to improve
  • Communication
  • Behaviors
  • Relationships
  • Parenting Skills
When needing help to heal from
  • Painful past & abuse
  • Addictions & compulsions
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Mental illness

     Counseling is a conversation between the client and therapist.  The focus of this conversation is to help a person (or group of people) address a problem.  Usually in counseling a diagnosis will be determined and a treatment plan co-designed by the therapist & client. 

     Holly has over 35 years of experience providing counseling to individuals, families and groups.  She focuses on the strengths of the client to support their desired or needed change.  Holly is on many insurance panels fo rthose wishing to use their insurance.  Self pay provides the opportunity to maintain full client confidentiality and self determination.  Holly offers a sliding fee scale to help make self pay more affordable to those in need.



Practitioner’s Counseling Background


  Holly Stratton Schmitt carries a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Missouri Clinical Social Work license. She has been in practice from 1984.

Early History:
She was raised by parents who were also licensed clinical social workers. They provided counseling out of their home. By age 11 Holly was attending workshops/seminars, thereby (unknowingly at the time) beginning her training as a therapist.

Initial professional training:
-Hakomi: Boulder, CO (1984-1986). This is a body-centered psychotherapy. For more information please see: 

-Buddhist meditation & philosophy: Boulder, CO Naropa (1984-1986)


Bachelors Degrees:  Anthropology & Spanish (1984) University of Missouri-St. Louis
Master’s degree:   Clinical Social Work (1989)  Arizona State University

“As a young woman I knew I wanted to help the world in some way. I decided that helping individuals reach their highest potential and families successfully create a loving environment for themselves would be a satisfying career.”


Life Coaching
Is used to reach a specific goal as determined by the client

Coach provides:
  • Assistance in goal clarification
  • Structure to focus work
  • Support & encouragement
  • Safe place to brainstorm & experiment
  • Ideas and resources
  • Feedback
Cost: $130.00, sliding fee available
Specialized Service offerred by

Personalized Ceremony
Is used to
  • Celebrate
  • Announce
  • Create
  • Heal from
  • Honor
  • Give meaning to
any life transition special to you and yours

  • Birth
  • Coming of age
  • Commitments
  • Retirement
  • Menopause
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • End of life
Cost  Basic: $300.00
(includes planning session/s)
Do you wish to mark the importance of a life transition for yourself or a loved one?    Holly would be honored to support and guide you through the creation of a personalized ceremony to meet your specific intentions.


People throughout time and in all cultures have used ceremony to give meaning to life’s important times of change, to provide healing and to celebrate.   Some of our more familiar ceremonies today are birthdays, baptisms, Bar /Bat mitzvahs, confirmations, weddings and funerals.  They mark for us what is important.  For many people there are other significant moments in their lives that they have a yearning to acknowledge.   

      You are invited to contact us to begin the process of creating a special ceremony.  All services are conducted in a professional manner in keeping with the law.  Holly reserves the right to decline services to anyone asking her to act outside of her personal ethics.


About the Practitioner: 


      Holly has been providing counseling for 35 years through private practice and agency work.  Both of her children are now adults.  Her parents were both psychotherapists and her only sibling is an artist. 


      Due to Schmitt’s intense interest in languages and cultures she earned a bachelors degree in both Anthropology and Spanish.  Her Master’s Degree in Social Work provided Schmitt a way to support others in their healing and growth.  Now, in helping people create personalized ceremonies to mark their own meaningful transitions, Schmitt blends all her life’s passions for the sacred, ceremonial, creative and life enriching.



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